Trapeze Roof and Facade Panels

We have a professional team that produces quality projects with expert experience in the application of Trapeze Roof and Facade Panels.

Areas Where Trapeze Roof And Façade Panels Are Heavily Used:It is applied by our company with special project for each sector.

It is heavily used especially for the following sectors.

Trapezoidal Roof and Façade Panels, Industrial Constructions, Factory Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Military Buildings, Social Buildings Agricultural Buildings, Sports Facilities, Site Buildings, Silos, Hypermarkets, Shopping Centers, State Buildings, Prefabricated Buildings, Steel Construction It can be counted as a construct.

The desired color selection can be made from the RAL catalog on request.

It is also an advantage to have the structure feature and the suitable surface finish (Polyester, PvdF, Plastisol, PVC).

Technical Values on Trapeze Roof and Wall Panels:

Metal Type: Painted Galvanized Steel

Metal Thickness: 0,50-0,60-0,70-0,80-0,90-1,100-1,20 mm

Steel Surface Flow Strength: min. 220 N / mm2

Thickness Tolerance (EN 10143): Nominal

Length / Max / Depth Tolerances: ± 5 mm / ± 5 mm / ± 1 mm

Sheet metal qualities (EN 10327 and EN 10326): DX51, S220, S280, S320, S350

(polyester paint on topcoat over primer)

Hot Dipping Coating Amount (EN 10327): 70-275 gr / m2

Paint Type: Polyester, PvdF, Plastisol, PVC

Galvanized Coating: 100- 350 gr / m2