Trapeze Plate Coating

The trapezoidal sheet can be used as roof and facade in heat insulation applications where the heat insulation is not required or between two separate metal or steel claddings.

Trapezoidal sheet coating processes require high workmanship experience and application competence. Specialist technical teams have expert montage practice skills especially in the branches of the team. As a result of the technical analyzes made in advance, the details of the project to be implemented are determined by the details of the required sheet properties and the precise data to be considered for montage. The precise details of the area to be assembled need to be meticulously detailed, from the direction of the wind to the position of the wind, to the wind conditions and to the number of screws to be used for montage in the amount required by the details. The assembly of the trapezoidal sheet should be done in the opposite direction of the direction that the wind is dominating.

In roof trapeze sheet coatings, assemblies should be made together with the saddle to prevent any frequent leaks. Saddles which are suitable for the trapeze form to be used, which are not damaged during montage and which do not lose its characteristic for years should be preferred. For roof applications where the saddle is not used, the diameter of the sealing gaskets of the screws must be within the appropriate dimensions and diameters determined by the technical personnel.

During the drilling of the trapezoidal sheet, these wastes should be swept and cleaned from the roof surface, since the metal burrs produced by the fasteners will cause corrosion due to weather conditions. Trapeze sheet coating applications, business security protocols should be applied at a high level. The assembly application team needs to be formed from experienced teams with high risk and especially in roofing plans.

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