Steel Tower Constructions

We Realize Applications with our experienced work security experiences related to Steel Construction Tower Constructions, High Engineering and Aesthetic Manufacturing Experience.

The rapid growth of the world population made it necessary for the next generation buildings and steel construction structures in modern urban life. One of the technical preferences that Çeli has is the advantages of providing safer living spaces because of their robustness, high saving in manufacturing and assembly and more resistance to earthquakes. In addition, the fact that the entire steel is recyclable, offers mounting advantages, is long-lasting and environmentally friendly, more often encountered as aesthetic projects in modern urban life.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry has become a solution point for public institutions and private enterprises with its experience in steel construction tower constructions as well as its high knowledge. From a single point, together with our design, projecting and application competencies, our high production advantages constitute our reasons for preference.

Asia Steel Construction and Machinery Industry owes its preferred identity in steel construction tower constructions, the job security products it produces, and an experienced team capable of working at high altitudes. We meet the high job security requirements of high-altitude project applications with our experienced technicians and experienced assembly teams who can produce high-altitude jobs.

We are ready to be the solution for both domestic and international projects with our infrastructure and engineering know-how that can meet the needs of every high-altitude project at a single point.