Social responsibility

We develop implementation projects to ensure sustainability in corporate social responsibility projects.

Implementation projects are being developed to ensure sustainability in corporate social responsibility projects and our safety and training programs, which work with awareness and improvement programs, continue uninterruptedly. With this vision, we give support to various projects which are not aiming for profit, in order to bring qualified staff to our workforce, to increase security awareness and to support employees in work safety issues.

While we are working on long-term social responsibility projects in the fields of education, culture-arts, health and environment, we work to create social value with all of our energy, to circulate and to benefit humanity.

Because of its projects, Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry  secures the safety of laboring workers at the highest level in high risk groups and adopts environmentally friendly approaches in production. With teams developing business safety products, we closely monitor emerging technologies, keep safety at the top level by adapting to changes for safer equipment and less hazardous work environments in the current system. We are renewing ourselves every year with our studies that center the environment and human health with superior technology.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry  produces social responsibility projects that support successful students with the importance and support that they provide while applying more effective projects every year in the programs they implement for employee security and the business security products they develop.