Sandwich Panel Coating

We provide roofing materials and roof systems which are Depth Resistant, Heat, Impact and Sound Insulated Roof Coating with economical prices and high quality applications.

Sandwich panels are composite roof and facade covering materials produced by injecting polyurethane in thickness and density in the direction of project requests between two layers painted galvanized sheet or aluminum sheet. Sandwich Panels are facade coating products, which are usually polyurethane, EPS-XPS foam or stone filler materials, which we often think of as a plate, with aluminum or metal sheet coatings on the outside and in the middle as heat insulation material. at economical prices and high quality applications.

Sandwich Panel Systems are aesthetic coating materials used as surface coating. Sandwich Panels are roofing and facade products of superior quality which offer alternative solutions in construction with ease of montage  and accessory options. We continue to be the solution point for the sector in the direction of the absolute customer-oriented service production while meeting the needs and expectations of the sector, choosing the new generation technology and quality products. We are always trying to provide the best quality, fastest and most economical product and montage service to our customers in order to protect the innovative structure as the preferred company in the sector in roof and facade covering systems. With our trained and expert application teams, we are able to montage smoothly at high risk altitudes with maximum work safety precautions.

While Sandwich Panel Systems that we have implemented installation provide heat, water and sound insulation, we offer solutions to our customers with economical, aesthetic and high quality products with high standards. Sandwich panels are heavily used as building materials in many buildings such as building sites, industrial buildings, factories and warehouses, roofs, facades, interior partitions or cold air rooms. In addition to its fast production and montage possibilities, high carrying capacity and light construction, sandwich panes are a priority in architectural preferences with its high insulation properties.