Rönesans Allianz Tower

In the Renaissance Allianz Tower Project we carried out montage applications at an altitude of 186m.

Project Name: Rönesans Allianz Tower

Area: Ataşehir İstanbul

Employer: Rönesans Holding

Scope of the Work: Steel roof project implementation and earthquake support steel project applications in the building were realized. The project has a height of 186 meters, which has a high montage risk project. With our application performance above the high-altitude work safety standards, our assembly applications were carried out without job accidents. With our experienced crews and our new generation of work safety equipment we have developed continuously, we have the firm capability to apply maximum security protocols at high altitudes. Among our reasons for preference are our firm competence and technical application skills that have not experienced mortal work accidents at high altitudes. The project is designed in accordance with LEED Platinum standards. Renaissance Tower with high-class office buildings, USGBC's LEED Platinum Certification Turkey eligible for the first Shell & Core bears the distinction of being the highest office building. The Renaissance Tower, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul and having a height of 186 meters, is located at the intersection of two important highways connecting European and Asian continents. Property Investments made by the first multi-storey Renaissance building project in Turkey has the distinction of being high.