Rönesans Allianz Tower
In the Renaissance Allianz Tower Project we carried out montage applications at an altitude of 186m.
Memorial Hospital
Memorial Hospital Bahçelievler is the 11th hospital project of Memorial Health Group.
Büyükyalı 2. Etap İşleri
Büyükyalı 2. Etap İşleri
İstanbul, Büyükyalı Project
İstanbul, Büyükyalı Project
Tuzla Asma Kat Projesi
Projede, asma kat çelik ve perde güçlendirme işleri yapılırken, konstrüksiyonun imalat ve montaj uygulamaları, anahtar teslim iş protokolleriyle tamamlanmıştır.
Kozzy Shopping Mall Project
Entrance steels and terrace closure steels and glass dressing work were done by our company.
Maslak Square Office Project
Maslak Square Office Project
Piazza Housing Shopping Center Office Project
RönesansMaltepe Piazza Housing Shopping Center Office Project
Projects of the Presidency Complex in Ankara.
Projects of the Presidency Complex in Ankara.
Vakıf GYO İstanbul Financial Center Project
Vakıf GYO İstanbul Ataşehir Finance Center Project.
Hilltown Shopping Mall
Located in Istanbul's Küçükyalı, Hilltown Shopping Center is located in the next generation shopping mall category.
Anadolu Shipyard 2nd Stage Roofing Project
Anadolu Shipyard 2nd Stage Roofing Project
Hayal Kahvesi İzmir Optimum Shopping Mall
Hayal Kahvesi project in Izmir Optimum Shopping Mall was realized by our company.
Anadolu Shipyard Roofing And Repair Works
Anadolu Teranesi Roofing Project was realized by our company.
Mall of İstanbul
Our company realized all steel manufacturing and assembly works of Mall of Istanbul project with successful operations.
Memorial Beylerbeyi Outbuilding
Memorial Beylerbeyi belongs to the office extension building works.
Ankara Elmadag Factory Construction
Our turnkey industrial facility projects have been implemented on an area of 500 m2.
Standard Warehouse and Shelf Systems Dining Hall Project
Turnkey protocols have been implemented in the cafeteria project.
Ondörtüç Residential Project
Ondörtüç residential project thanks to both its location and social facilities, provides a whole new living space for investors.
Ets Construction Tank production
We realized storage tank production and special chassis production. High quality and meticulous production in tank manufacturing.