Polyurethane Insulated Facade Panels

We offer the highest level of visuality, aesthetics and quality with hidden screw facade panels with polyurethane insulation.

Polyurethane Insulated Hidden Vented Facade Panels

Hidden Vented Facade Panels are frequently used in exterior and exterior walls in industrial and industrial constructions. It is applied as internal partition wall in special sections. Standard, Flat (Flat) and Micro roll surface options may be preferred. Depending on the structure, vertical or horizontal applications can be made. Facade panels are seen as aesthetic and quality material preferred by sector engineers and architects. Due to the fact that it offers production facilities in special dimensions, it is used in preference and prestigious projects of our country with application and detail solutions. With the application of modern and different lines, we gain important values with the modern and different point of view. We shape the projects with a design that has the highest level of visuality, aesthetics and quality, and we produce professional detail solutions in accordance with the expectations and demands of our customers in the construction process.


Panel thicknesses: 40-50- 60-80-100 mm

Polyurethane Density: 40 kg / m3 (+ -2)

Polyurethane Class: B2, PIR (TS 14509)

Net Coverage eni (area): 1000 mm

Maximum length: 16 m

Upper Metal Thicknesses: 0,50 - 0,60 - 0,70 mm

Substrate Thicknesses: 0,40 - 0,50 - 0,60 - 0,70 mm

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λ = 0.022 W / mK

Color: Ral options