Polycarbonate Light Roof and Facade Panels

Polycarbonate Provides Workforce Efficiency and Energy Saving with Light Roof and Facade Panels.

A preferred roof skylight in the middle of each axis or two acres provides significant energy savings. In addition to increasing work performance and efficiency with the light obtained from daylight, it also provides significant savings with the energy savings provided for businesses. In roof and facade panels applications, perfect harmony is ensured while details are solved without problems and aesthetic appearance is gained.

In Germany standard, according to DIN 18232 norms, the products which are manufactured with materials which delay the burning during the fire are produced in different forms according to the usage purposes in the roof.

Polycarbonate is the most ideal solution in places that are trying to get the best out of the sunlight and has a very durable property against the impact due to the properties of its resin. Because of its cold twist feature, it provides ease of design in the architecture. Thanks to its UV filtration and water retention on the surface, it has a long life and excellent light penetration.

CTP Lightness (Glass Reinforced Transparent Roof Lighting Panels)

Glass-Reinforced Transparent Roof Lighting Panels feature high light transmittance. It is widely used in agricultural facilities all over the world. It is also ideal for roofing of commercial and industrial type buildings.

Usage Areas: It is widely used in agriculture, industry and construction sector. It is produced from a long-lasting, durable and quality material that does not contain any metal used in roofing for any kind of construction. It has a durable, flexible and UV protection property against abrasion, decay, wear and tear caused by chemical compounds in the air. Thanks to these features, CTP Transparent sheets offer low cost solutions in every place they are used and in all kinds of weather conditions. It is produced as sandwich system with longitudinal or transverse foam using upper and lower CTPs.

CTP THICKNESSES: 1.00 - 1.20 - 1.50 - 1.80 - 2.00 mm.