Overpass Constructions

While using the new generation technologies in the high standards in the overpass constructions, we apply the vitality of the steel building constructions with the aesthetic view to the flow of daily life.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry with its experience in steel construction building construction, has signed successful project references which are applied in the construction of Overpass Bridge. We have the ability to apply projects throughout the country and abroad with our machine parks and our staff using our new generation technologies.

Increasing urban roads along with modern urban life have made the construction of Overpass Bridges compulsory in order to prevent pedestrian safety and transportation in city life from disruption and accidents. We develop project designs in order to make the Overpass Bridges, which are often seen as the main artifacts of the traffic that provide heavy traffic flow especially in big cities, to be modern, aesthetic, durable and useful.

Asya Steel Construction and Machinery Industry realizes the modern and aesthetic approach of steel structure construction applications, practical application skills and long term projects in high stability and security. Overpass Bridge projects continue to be a preferred point in private companies and businesses, while being a solution point for public institutions and organizations.

Asya Steel Construction and Machinery Industry has the capacity to meet all project requirements from a single point of view as a solution point for new generation, robust, aesthetic and modern overpass construction with overhead bridge construction, design, projecting and application teams.