Our quality policy

It fully implements the requirements of the Quality Management System that it has established and constantly improves its effectiveness.

Asia Steel Construction and Machine Industry which aims to be one of the leader companies in Turkey, while conducting the activies in both abroad and in Turkey as well as maximizing the customer satisfaction, to be able to respond to any project needs in the sector and the emerging technology is closely monitored and reflected in the service policy in the best possible way.

As Asia Steel Structure and Machinery Industry; continuous improvement and development, timely project delivery, continuous training of all employees and implementation of cost reduction techniques constitute are the basic principles of our company.

In addition to our commitment to providing quality products and services to our customers, our quality approach also includes the benefit of collecting, creating added value to our country while ensuring a safe and contemporary working environment for our employees and minimizing the negative effects that may arise in our activities.

We are composed of people who are convinced of our company's mission and vision and who are willing, loving and embracing to achieve the goals, who are young, dynamic, free and innovative in their thinking, open-minded and contemporary business relations.

Knowing that human resource is the most important factor, we carry out change with scientific methods, with activities aimed at increasing job satisfaction by giving importance to improving the creativity and abilities of our employees.