Material Handling Boilers

Material handling boilers are used in construction areas, high floors, companies using tower crane, cargo, goods, material handling.

The material conveying boilers that we have produced are advantageous in that they can transport all kinds of materials easily, quickly and safely according to their production bases, production sizes and transportation capacities. Material handling boilers have suitable structure to be used with crane. Depending on the demand, it can be made suitable for use with a forklift. In the standard production of Material Handling baskets, there is a sideways opening door. Direction of door opening and door positions may vary according to the customer's request.

Material Handling Boilers are construction site products which are designed in accordance with usage areas such as freight, goods, material handling in companies that use tower crane in various fields and we apply high standard protocols in production stage. Depending on the project requirement, the tower crane load-carrying baskets are robust and the weight capacity is wide. The Material Handling Boilers provide extra security with its robust construction, connection and attachment points. Cargo baskets that are used with the help of a crane on the construction site and construction site areas are products for carrying and lifting all kinds of materials in the area.

Material handling boilers, which have various and unlimited usage capacities such as brick transportation, debris transportation, building material transportation, are produced with desired sizes and options. According to customer requirements, the baskets can be turned around with various materials (mesh, expanded sheet, perforated sheet) or edge heights in desired sizes. Apart from our standard productions, according to project specifications, high quality production can be realized with guaranteed production.

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