Life Rope Wearing Attachment

Life rope wearing fixture is a security product developed by our firm for working safety in projects produced at high altitudes.

Life Rope Wearing Fixtures are new generation security products developed by our company for working security in projects produced at high altitude within the scope of business security products. The quality of the product used and the high production quality provide safe working freedom at high altitudes. Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry develops continuously innovative products by transferring high-altitude project production experience to the business security products it develops.

We know the risks of operating personnel on the outside of high buildings, on the roofs and in difficult heights, maintenance and repair works, all kinds of building dismantling, assembly and demolition works without the necessary work safety precautions. All business safety products developed and developed by our company are presented to the user experience by conducting tests in international standards and taking into consideration the working conditions in the most difficult conditions.

Life Rope wearing fixturecan be used to work and climb on high towers, posts and similar upright places, cleaning windows, providing high security advantage in closed areas, especially in all works to be done in large boilers and tanks.

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