Construction Contracting Works

We produce turnkey projects with high production quality international experience.

With 25 years of sector experience, Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry with its developing technology, closely follows the unbelievable change in customer expectations and has the identity of a company growing with investments made by the new generation technologies.

The fact that the human resources we have, having high sector experience, being in the same team for many years and keeping up to date with trainings, is the basis of our achievements in all our project applications.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry offers single point turnkey solutions for all projects that private institutions and public institutions may need. With our international experience and competence, we have the infrastructure, technology and human resources to meet the needs of every project.

Domestic and International projects; Within the scope of construction of all kind of construction works, our project implementation group constitutes the locomotive structure of our company. Since its inception, Asya  Steel Construction and Machine Industry has been able to offer turn-key project solutions for many prestigious projects, from thin construction to rough construction applications.

Asya Çelik Yapı ve Makine Sanayi, yüksek proje ve prestij değerine sahip,  betonarme ve çelik konstrüksiyon binalar, konut projeleri, fabrika inşaatları, hastane inşaatları, eğitim binaları, hava alanları, alışveriş ve iş merkezleri, sanayi tesisleri, katlı otopark inşaatları, banka ve mağaza dekorasyon projelerinde anahtar teslim proje uygulama referanslarına sahiptir.

We are proud of delivering many projects in the sector in time with timely and satisfactory solution satisfaction with technical staff with wide range of expertise and wide machine park.

Within the scope of construction contracting works, Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry is able to offer turnkey solutions for projects of all sizes with global value, with expert project implementation group. From A to Z, you can present all the processes from project design to implementation, which can be needed in all project applications. We are with you our firm competence and advantageous company identity.