Industrial Plant Construction

We use all the innovations of the technology besides our approach which values the environment of the community and society in every project applied in industrial plant constructions.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry  has been applying industrial construction projects in Turkey and abroad, applying the application sufficiency in sectoral accumulation and steel structure constructions which have been based on long years. We use all the innovations of technology besides our approach which values the environment and community life in every project implemented.

Asya Steel Structure and Machinery Industry has the capacity of carrying out Industrial Plant constructions such as Thermal Power Plants, Natural Gas Cycle Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plants, Oil Refineries, Cement Plants, Hydrocracker Plants, Iron Steel Plants, Rubber Plants, Long Distance Conveyor Lines, Airports, Mass Housing Projects, Shopping Centers and for many more industries.

Asya Steel Construction and Machinery Industry, Industrial Facility is using new generation technologies in construction project applications, while industrial buildings with high appeal are also prominent in project designs. In steel construction factory constructions, we apply high security protocols with our long-standing sectoral experience, and we also reduce the probability of accidents with our business security products that we have continuously improved.