Human resources

We have a sense of team spirit in our Human Resources management.

In our approach to human resources, we see human beings as proprietors rather than as part of the chain of production. Thus, we aim to create a people-centered workforce that balances and improves the balance between corporate goals, organizational requirements and individual goals.

If efforts are made to manage and develop employees in the right way, we develop programs with the awareness of increased productivity and long-term gains in business.

We develop programs and practices that can meet both economic and social and psychological needs of employees.

We strive to create a work environment where employees can use their existing skills at the maximum level and train themselves.

We care about employee health and safety. In the high-risk sector, we constantly improve business safety products to prevent work accidents. In work areas, we create the necessary environments for work safety. We develop innovative products for working in a safe environment.We keep the sense of team spirit on the front. We develop consciousness for the safety of our teammates while creating personal safety precautions.