Facade Insulation Panels

Stone wool panels are widely applied in areas where fire risk is high in industrial facilities.

Stone wool facade panels feature a hidden screw or bolt system. The net coating width is 1000 mm. It is used in high density, thickness and roof and facade panels according to the feature of industrial structure. The coefficient of thermal conductivity coefficient is l = 0,035 W / mK. The operating temperature grades are in the range of 50 / + 750 ° C.

Taşyünü Sandwich Paneller, according to TS 14509 and TS 14501-1 norm A1 is non-flammable. Rock Wool Roof and Façade panels are produced within the framework of ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Assurance System. According to TS 14509 standard, production is made with rock wool at a density of 100 kg / m3 minimum which is class A of combustion.

Stone wool panels are widely recommended in industrial areas where fire risk is high.

Stone wool roof and facade panels preferred industrial structures;

In power plants and structures, in factories producing chemicals (petroleum, natural gas, etc.)

The risk grade is high in industrial constructions (petrol stations, private warehouses, etc.)

LPG filling plants, salt processing factories, factories producing oil, chemical powder and paint, glass and ceramics based products. In addition, processing plants for leather and leather products, factories producing textile raw materials, and production plants with an average temperature rating above 50 ° C are preferred. It is also preferred in industrial buildings where the acoustical characteristics are important (concert halls, social facilities, etc.), airports (military buildings such as aircraft hangars), welding workshops and shipbuilding (shipyards, ports etc.) . Cereal products are also used in manufacturing and storage rooms, interior partition wall coatings. Stone wool façade panels are produced in standard surface form, flat (flat) and micro (micro) sheathed.

Panel thicknesses: 40-50- 60-80-100 mm

Polyurethane Density: 40 kg / m3 (+ -2)

Polyurethane Class: B2, PIR (TS 14509)

Net Coverage eni (area): 1000 mm

Maximum length: 16 m

Upper Metal Thicknesses: 0,50 - 0,60 - 0,70 mm

Substrate Thicknesses: 0,40 - 0,50 - 0,60 - 0,70 mm

Thermal Conductivity Coefficient: λ = 0.022 W / mK

Color: Ral options