Epoxy Floor Coating

The floor must be technically prepared so that an epoxy coating or an epoxy paint can be applied.

In order to be able to make epoxy coating or epoxy paint, the site concrete or floor must conform to the technical specifications. The surface should be examined where it is suitable for epoxy application. The concrete surface must be solid, fully finished, crack-free, dry, free from all particles on the surface, from dust and oil. The surfaces should not contain any faults such as pits, cracks, cracks, segregations and should not be dusted.


Usage Areas of Epoxy Floors

Industrial Constructions,

Warehouse, Hangar

Production facilities

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical factories

Parking Lots

Warehouses and warehouses Factories,

Machinery manufacturing and factories

Automobile factories

Food manufacturing facilities and factories

Aircraft and helicopter hangars

Hospitals and schools

Petrochemical plants

Shops and Restaurants