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In Steel Constructions High Production Quality International Experience

As Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry,  we have a firm identity that grows with the investments we have made in the new generation technologies by closely following the incredible change in customer expectations with our 25 years of sectoral experience, developing technology. The fact that the human resources we have, having high sector experience, being in the same team for many years and being up to date with trainings, is the basis of our achievements in our project implementation.

The rapid development in the steel building sector, together with the mega building projects, has been the basis for the ever-increasing demand. The residential projects with the giant towers at the center of the city's life, the huge shopping malls that can meet all the needs of a small town, the stadiums equipped with the new generation technologies, the gigantic bridges of kilometers long, large industrial facilities and many other mega building projects, It is possible to encounter with Asya Steel Construction and Machine  industry reference.

Asya Steel Construction and Machinery Industry is taking the high success of mega project applications from Hüseyin Gaygusuz, the founder of the company, who sees sports as a part of everyday life, which pose a high risk and high difficulty forcing the human borders. Hüseyin Gaygusuz, our company founder who has always tried the impossible in extreme sports, has developed Job Security Products with the help of the company's Rage team because of the importance given to worker safety because most of our projects are applied at high altitude at great risk. We are one of the rare companies who have not  lost their jobs due to work accidents in their quarter century old sector history, taking on their role in the high-altitude tests of the developed products.

While we are creating added value for our country with many projects that are national, international and global brand values, we continue to carry our targets higher as we grow with each passing year with the conscious of work safety and environmental health.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry continues to strengthen its identity as a preferred company with its business security products that it has developed by developing a quarter of a century of experience with its past experiences, wide machine parks to meet the needs of every project, and specialized workforce resources.