Cane Roof Covering

We have the qualifications we have in steel roof systems and we produce solutions that meet expectations with our expert engineers who can use these technologiest.

It can be applied according to the project in the roof projects of low slope, circular and vaulted roofs, in residential projects, social facilities and industrial facilities, with various types of roofed roof systems, copper seams, aluminum seams, painted galvanized steel seams and Titanium Zinc seams.

Metal clamping roof and facade systems offer great ease and flexibility for designers and implementers in roof and facade solutions, with the support of the rapid development of technology.

We are ready to be your solution partner with our  experienced teams for many years in cemented roofing applications. While applying high security protocols in all of our applications, we develop project deliveries that minimize the risk of accidents with our business security products we have developed.

Asya Steel Construction and Machine Industry has developed the experience of project production at high altitudes, the success in industrial facilities and housing projects for firms that also work with applications of Kenetli Roof Systems. Especially, with its high security training experienced teams, new generation assembly equipments and job security products, it has become the most preferred company in the market.