Alimak Doors

Alimak Doors is a modern and safe work safety product that you can obtain from our company for all projects that need to be produced at high altitude.

Main benefits

• Modular design offering cabin dimensions and capacities in a wide range

• Two separate elevators can work on a single mast tower for greater operational flexibility

• Because the drive system is in the housing, there is no need for a separate machine compartment to provide additional cost

.• Totally common elevator control system for more than one elevator

.• Durable materials: Extruded aluminum wall panels with cabin support frame and mast (tower) sections made of hot-dip galvanized steel.

Technicial Specifications

Maximum Capacity:                300-2,000 kg (increased upon request)

Loading Classes:                       Class A

Speed:                                         0.4 - 1.0 m / s

Max Height: 250 m                   (optional)

Cabin size:                                  30 cabin sizes are available.

Cabin width (inside):                0.78 - 1.56 m

Cabin Length (inside):              1.04 - 2.60 m

Cabin Height (inside) i:            2.17 m

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